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About Us

Thank you for supporting us on our mission. We work to embrace our COMMUNITY by extending opportunities to everyone. Our commitment to offering a training facility for all levels of shooters, including Law Enforcement, is unparalleled. We embrace an open forum for citizens and Law Enforcement to interact together, strengthening that community bond. We offer a COMPREHENSIVE approach to our business structure, focusing on diversity of the shooting sports. We provide perpetual educational opportunities. We are a leader in state-of-the-art training and range service technology. We maintain competitive pricing. We educate our staff to provide an informative experience to our customers
The CULTIVATION of our staff and our customers includes evaluation of our curriculum, products, mindset, offerings and facility. We make positive changes in our community. We embrace family and friends. To be part of something so important is a driving force. We make our concept open for improvements. We achieve this identity by having CLASS, not just in perception, but in our actions. Our staff embraces our core philosophy when interacting with each other, our community members, and guests at our facility. We deliver on service, we excel in education, and we offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

Shooting Sports do not have to be censored. In our past, students were taught about firearms in the public-school systems. By developing firearms safety and introductory classes, we assist in eliminating the stigma associated with recreational and competitive shooting.  Creating an environment to nurture even the most inexperienced shooter, of any age, invalidates the misinformed perception of so many.  Our goal is to create the most comprehensive shooting and training facility we can in order to embrace the passion that so many people share with us. We offer facilities to our local, neighboring, and state law enforcement agencies. By offering this training solution, law enforcement departments are able to maximize the use of their training budgets. By having the option of training with neighboring cities, departments will develop the cohesion necessary when a mutual aid call is made for assistance. This training confirms that our officers will return safely to their families.

All of these ideals point us to our Mission:

Our mission is to Cultivate a world Class shooting sports facility for the Community that is dedicated to a Comprehensive approach to firearms training and education.

Welcome to C4!

Michael Bordelon – COO
Neil Harrison – CFO


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