C4 Shooting & Training Center

CCW 1 Day Course $100

Because of recent changes, we are limiting the number of students in the course.  We also offer private classes. Please contact us to sign up training@geaugafirearmsacademy.com.

Want to attend but need a rental or ammo, ask us! training@geaugafirearmsacademy.com

Private classes are also available! For more information or to be added to our class announcement list, contact us: training@geaugafirearmsacademy.com

The course is a full eight hours (six in the classroom and two on the range). Our CHL class goes way beyond what is required by the state. You will have a full understanding of the greater responsibility you have if you choose to carry a gun and the reality of self-defense. This is a required class to get your Concealed Handgun License in the state of Ohio. You will be walked step-by-step through the process of obtaining your license. Although you will leave with a greater understanding and the procedures involved with CHL (as with any CHL class), this class is NOT actual training. It is an educational course and will NOT prepare you for a real self defense encounter. Many schools push their CHL classes as training, and this is a major issues that plagues our industry. Training is critically important and you MUST get proper training, even if it is not with us. You and your family’s lives depend on it!

*No refunds, we train rain, snow, or shine. 


May 30 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




C4 Shooting & Training Center
6347 E Loveland Rd, Madison, OH 44057
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