C4 Shooting & Training Center


Round Count:

Pistol – 800 RDS

Rifle – 500 RDS

Price $550 plus $25 Range fee each day

Pistol Performance taught by Donovan of Point 1 Tactics will be focusing on high-level speed and accuracy.  This class is targeting the avid shooter looking to sharpen their already acquired solid pistol fundamentals.  Drills will be run to challenge and sharpen specific skills such as:  Refining your movement, transitioning wide and narrow targets, depth transitions utilizing attack vs. control targets, learning to blend an array of targets, calling your shots, and adopting the 90-10% rule.  Students will also have an opportunity to shoot the “Point 1 Tactics Elite Pistol Performance Standards”.

Rifle Performance 2 will allow the user to build raw skills at a higher rate of proficiency.  Topics being covered:  Techniques for breaking the rifle out of the shoulder, Manipulating the rifle around barricades and unnatural objects, Rifle to pistol transitions, Trigger manipulation, Recoil control, Shooting on the move, Footwork in and out of different positions, Techniques for setting up a battle rifle, and Malfunctions/manipulations taught by Donovan of Point 1 Tactics.

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Jun 12 - 13 2021


All Day




C4 Shooting & Training Center
6347 E Loveland Rd, Madison, OH 44057
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